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Window & Glass Replacement

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$500 OFF Window Installation

Purchase (5) or more Windows to be replaced by Peak West Renovations and receive $500 DISCOUNT

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Contact Us now to schedule a free in home Window Replacement Consultation

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Limited Time Offer: $500 OFF Entire Project Of 5 or More Window Replacements!

Window Installation

Top Quality Glass

Lifetime Guarantee

Made in USA

Energy Efficient Windows

Licensed and Insured

Window Glass Replacement

Wood Clad Windows

Vinyl Windows

Fiberglass Windows

Custom Shapes & Sizes

Custom Frame Color 

Peak West Renovations is dedicated to providing superior quality Window products all while working safely, ethically and efficiently. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and ensure satisfactory returns to employees, partners and investors alike.


Our organization works towards becoming a market leader while at the same time serving our community honestly and passionately.

We have certified pros to react promptly to all of your


Window Glass 

Our specialized window glass replacement service offers a cost-effective solution, seamlessly restoring clarity and functionality without the need for full window replacements. Our skilled technicians swiftly replace damaged glass panes, eliminating unsightly cracks or damage while saving you time and money.


Whether it's a single pane or multiple panels that require replacement, our expertise ensures precision and efficiency, preserving both the aesthetics and functionality of your windows. With our service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your windows will not only look better but also maintain their energy efficiency and security.


Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing entire windows and hello to a rejuvenated, cost-efficient solution for your glass replacement needs.

glass replacement
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